Hey there.

Guess what? Never A Dull Moment is on Twitter, woohoo!

While I was setting up my Twitter account I had to decide what my username would be. Of course it would turn out that @NeverADullMoment is too long and loads of the variations were already taken so I came up with the genius idea of using initials. @NADMoment was born.

Then, as I sat there looking at my pretty new profile, I realised it reminds me of goNADs and maternity notes. All you mums will know what I’m talking about, when the midwife has checked your urine sample (what a lovely job) and nothing abnormal was detected (thank god because who wants yet another thing to worry about when pregnant) they write NAD.

So basically whenever I’m on Twitter I’ll be thinking about gonads or wee. Happy days!

Anyway, it’d be great if you’d give me a follow and say hi. I promise I don’t bite.


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