Small Victories

We have these neighbours who are constantly doing their house up. They drill so often that I swear they can’t have any walls left!

Their loud DIY often woke Thing 3 up back when she used to have a daytime nap (oh the fond memories) and have generally caused me more frigging headaches than I would’ve had if they’d done the decent thing and decided to set up house somewhere else, like the moon perhaps.

So today when there was a knock on my door and I was asked by a very nice delivery man if I’d take a parcel for my neighbours, I said no. I know it sounds petty but I did it for all those peaceful moments that never came to be. For all those times I sat down with a coffee hoping for some quiet time but thanks to them and their sodding noise it never happened and I was left with cold coffee by the time I had managed to console Thing 3.

I have to admit that a tiny part of me felt guilty as I shut the door but the other part felt chuffed as nuts that I’d achieved this very small victory. *Does happy dance*


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