Why YouTube is Like a Public Argument

I’m sure we’ve all witnessed an argument in public. Be it a couple, friends or even a parent and child, people can lose their shit with each other in any place at any time. It happens.

So why on earth do I think these arguments are like YouTube? Well, the things that connect them in my opinion are: they’re both amusing, you don’t really understand what’s going on and you’re not sure you actually like it but you just can’t stop looking!

YouTube is filled with so much craziness and pointless activities that we probably shouldn’t find it entertaining. Opening a box to show what’s inside, tipping coloured slime into a toy bath and even people walking round the shops are just a few things I’ve seen while the kids have been glued to the screen.

The first thing that usually goes through my head is ‘what the fuck, why would anyone watch this shit’ but then after about an hour I realise that I’m still watching that shit. I’m even suggesting which videos to watch next and stopping the kids from switching to another video before the one playing has finished because I just have to see how it ends.

I still can’t work out why this happens but then I’ve never been able to figure out why a public argument is so appealing either. Who knows, who really cares. I guess entertainment comes in all forms and we just have to accept it for what it is.

Now please excuse me while I go and learn about colours on the latest Sparkle Spice YouTube video. Woo hoo!