Christmas Treats

Father Christmas was very kind to our household this year, we all had lots of lovely treats.

There were a few treats we could’ve done without though.

You may remember that we were plagued by coughs and colds at the beginning of December. I thought we were on the mend but at 3am on Christmas morning came a really fun twist (not really fun but I’m trying to pretty things up here).

We woke up to change and feed Thing 4, all quite normal so far. Hubby was downstairs making the bottle while I changed the nappy on the bed (Thing 3 was also in bed with us as she always ends up in there before the night is over). I had just undone Thing 4’s nappy when I heard gagging next to me, I looked across to Thing 3 who was throwing up huge chunks of stinky puke all over Bears side of the bed. I quickly pulled her hair back and began rubbing her back to soothe her but then I realised Thing 4 had her bits out and could pee or poo over me at any moment!

After a quick nappy change hubby came to my rescue and helped clear the mess up as I stifled more than a few giggles at the fact she puked on his side rather than mine. *Does evil laugh*

So that started our day off beautifully, treat 1 done and massively enjoyed… not.

Then on Christmas afternoon, after we’d received some treats that we actually did enjoy, Thing 3 was crouched in the hallway playing with her new toys when we were overwhelmed by the most rancid smell I have ever had the displeasure of smelling. We all looked at each other, clearly thinking the turkey farts had started early this year, before realising that the smell was coming from the hallway. Poor Thing 3 had literally exploded. The watery crap was all down her legs, over her feet and, the very best part, all over the floor. Yay. Merry fucking Christmas.

Christmas 2016 will be forever etched in our minds as the year of the unwanted treats.

For anyone who may be concerned, Thing 3 received lots of love and cuddles and is slowly making her recovery after infecting the rest of the household with her treats.

The saga continues…


Battles at The Winter Carnival

I took Thing 2 and Thing 3 to our local winter carnival.

Thing 1 is a teenager which means he’s far too cool for that kind of crap and Thing 4 is only a few months old which means she’s likely to catch hypothermia from standing around in the cold for so long. These two stayed home with Bear who was clearly devastated about having to miss such an epic event. *Rolls eyes*

So we get to the spot where it’s all going to happen and smugly find ourselves in the front row. This is important because Thing 3 is only 2 years old and therefore quite small, if she’s not at the front she’s not going to see bugger all is she.

That’s when my battle commences.

Trying to keep Thing 3 at the front so she can actually see the carnival floats is like trying to battle 100 chocoholics for the last piece of chocolate – bloody difficult.

I don’t understand why anyone, especially adults, think it’s ok to stand in front of a little person who is simply trying to enjoy the moment. I swear these people may as well just turn around and steal her sodding sweets while they’re at it.

One look at the bewilderment on her face unleashes my MIC instincts and I have to deal with it. And deal with it I did. Sadly I had to keep on dealing with it over and over again which just left me stressed and proper pissed off to be quite honest. It seems that a few carnival floats and Christmas lights really bring out the worst in people.

Naturally Thing 2 was oblivious to all of this, I guess now that she’s 10 she doesn’t remember what it feels like to be a short arse.

There is a happy ending to this story though. Yay. They actually both enjoyed their evening out at the winter carnival. Thing 3 hasn’t stopped yapping about the floats, Father Christmas and the horse that pooed on the road right in front of us!

It’s good to know that my constant battling paid off even if I did need a massive glass of wine afterwards.